MasterLine SoftTone®

A quiet revolution in building design

SoftTone® is the sustainable architectural solution for natural cooling and ventilation in urban environments. The parallel opening window units allow maximal ventilation and cooling, the SoftTone® components inside the window filter out the noise. This results in a fresh, healthy and relax working and living experience in the middle of a vibrant city.

The focus application field for this solution are noisy city centers and buildings close to highways, train stations and airports. Masterline SoftTone® is a more sustainable and affordable alternative to mechanical ventilation and comfort cooling. Cool night temperatures are therefore an important aspect –ruling out some geographic areas.

The combination of the two aspects above is the focus application of SoftTone®.

Opening type

SoftTone® is a parallel opening window. 


Parallel opening windows offer a better ventilation/cooling capacity than traditional opening windows. With the same opening movement they offer a bigger open area per m², and a better air circulation through the room due to the stack effect.

Acoustic performance

The SoftTone® solution allows a significant increase in acoustic performance compared to traditional opening types. It ensures acoustic comfort in combination with natural cooling and ventilation, in locations previously impossible.


Field of application


SoftTone® is the result of the partnership between Arup – who developed S.A.F.E. technology, and Reynaers – who did the translation of this technology to façades.

Academic and practical knowledge were combined into a sustainable product, to the benefit of all stakeholders within the building industry.