Zápádní město (city west)

Zápádní město (city west)


Until recently in the periphery of Prague there were only fields, an old master plan and big expectations for the future. This changed, at least for the western part, with the plans for the largescale Západní město (City West) complex. This project, masterplanned by AHK architekti, offers a generous vision for an extensive new urban district with offices, housing and shopping. The economic crisis hit hard and has slowed down the development of the area. So far three parts have been realized, the so-called British quarter, with about 300 apartments and the first of a series of nationally themed residential neighbourhoods, the new metro station - a vital connection with the centre of Prague - and the first part of the business district, which has already attracted several multinationals, including Siemens.

The architecture of this part of the complex is based on the intersection of simple, almost cubic volumes

The complex of office buildings occupied by Siemens is designed by the architectural office that is also responsible for the masterplan of the whole area. This complex consists of a visually attractive high-rise structure and a row of lower buildings surrounded by green spaces. The tower is a striking crystal-like landmark. This characteristic symbol for the whole district houses the headquarters of the Siemens Group in the Czech Republic. Behind its dynamic exterior shape this iconic building offers very rational floor plans and an efficient spatial organisation. A triple-floor glazed walkway connects this tower with the lower offices behind it. The whole complex houses around 1200 employees, who were located in six different locations in Prague before and are now working in a single administrative complex. This has ended the permanent trips back and forth to the different premises, and has improved and intensified the contact and exchange between individuals and departments within the company.

CW 50 Curtain Walls - Business center Zápádní město (city west) located in Poznań, Czech Republic

For the lower part of the building, the CW 50 curtain wall system is used

For both the appearance and the energetic performance of the complex, the use of Reynaers systems has been very important. The high spaces on the ground floor of the main building were initially intended to be used for shops and restaurants, but now offer generous, well-lit spaces for the company, thanks to the use of the CW 50 façade system. Another system, CS 86-HI, was used on the upper floors of the tower. No special kind of acoustic insulation was needed, because the desired effect was achieved mostly by using insulated glass. The glass and aluminium façade is framed by sturdy horizontal steel encasements. To improve the aesthetics as well as the micro-climate, the architects designed protruding garden constructions on these encasements where climbing wisterias could be planted. The eye-catching landmark stands out, thanks to the contrast between its unusual shape and the adjacent buildings, which are more straightforward in their design, and the surrounding park, which provides not only a pleasant working environment for the employees but also an important crystallization point for Západní město.

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