Not only is Reynaers an aluminium system supplier, we also offer a wide range of accessories for the operation of your windows, doors and sliding doors, all extensively tested in combination with our aluminium systems, to provide safety and reliability. The most visible of these accessories are the handles. To perfectly match your style, we offer a range of handle designs to complete your aluminium windows, doors, sliding and folding doors.

Multiple opening types. A tailored solution for every lifestyle.

  • Roseless handle
  • Panic handle
  • Security door handle
  • Sliding door

Roseless handle

A static appearance for a timeless design.

Panic handle

Classic feel with an immediate impact on safety.

Security door handle

Robust stainless steel for durable protection.

Sliding door

Exclusive and ultimate design.

A full package deal

At Reynaers we are consistent in our promise to our customer. Since we offer a design freedom for every opening type in your building, we are committed to offer the package deal. A suitable handle for the perfect finish in your design.

The choice of luxury without compromise

Everyday use, reduced opening forces or a quick exit, you will find a perfect match in our design handle ranges. Slim and elegant solutions in durable high quality.

Safety first

Hardware that meets the latest safety standards on your handles. Let us guide you to create a safe environment that fits your needs.

Seamless modern design. Combining high quality materials and top craftsmanship.

Reynaers solutions are sold through our highly qualified fabricator network. They answer any technical or general questions regarding availability, application and affordability. Find out just how easy it is to bring the sophistication of Reynaers design to your renovation or new construction project.

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