Island Rest

Island Rest

Nestled away on the Isle of Wight, Island Rest is a contemporary home which makes for the perfect hideaway to enjoy the surrounding views.

Supporting the building to seamlessly connect with its environment while equipping occupants with everyday functionality, aluminium glazing plays a pivotal role.

Inspired by its natural surroundings, Island Rest is designed to be a family escape offering unique views across the Solent – a 20-mile stretch of water separating the Isle of Wight from mainland England. Helping the building to nestle into its surroundings, the low-profile single-storey pavilion is clad in larch wood, while large expanses of glazing create layers of transparency and reflection, minimising the visual impact on its setting while contributing to the striking aesthetics of the contemporary building.

““We selected HiFinity from Reynaers Aluminium because it delivers everything we needed – from scalability and slim lines through to quality and functionality. The aluminium frames in particular really suit the architecture of this building, and their slender profile size further maximises the presence of the large expanses of glazing to achieve an elegant appearance.””

Often, the location of a home is mostly a functional consideration. Here, the location has been so influential on the building’s design that its impact can be seen in every aspect. Located on a creek, the building maximises the potential of its natural environment to enhance its owners’ family time, emphasising communal areas to provide easy access to the water just as effortlessly as it provides unrivalled views of the Solent.

Glazing plays a critical role in softening the barriers between inside and outside spaces. With floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the property, views of the Solent are maximised and natural light is able to flood each room. In addition to providing views through the house and beyond, the glazing also enables it to blend into the landscape. Equally, in the building’s communal areas, these windows can be opened up to facilitate a connection with the surroundings and allow easy access to the water.

To achieve this, without compromising the building’s minimalist aesthetic, a glazing solution which offered minimal sightlines was required. Offering infinite views, HiFinity – an ultra-slim design from Reynaers Aluminium – was selected for the project. Capable of effortlessly moving glass panels of up to 750kg, the system is perfectly suited to creating large architectural glazing features, without the need for obtrusive framing.

At Island Rest, HiFinity is utilised to create a variety of features, from full-height windows which frame the spectacular views, through to large sliding doors which open up living spaces onto a courtyard and landscaped gardens.

James O’Callaghan of structural design practice, Eckersley O’Callaghan, said: “There are many layers to Island Rest which enable the building to blend into and celebrate its beautiful environment. Glazing is a key part of this, enabling the surrounding views to be enjoyed from every room, or opened up to bring the outside in.

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom