Apartment Silesia

Apartment Silesia

MMOA Pracownia Architektoniczna Maciej Dyląg

This minimalist suite in Silesia is full of light thanks to very large windows and huge glazed terrace doors. The owners and architects focused on disciplined colours and the highest quality of all solutions.

Originally, the living space was divided into many rooms and, despite its impressive size, it did not differ in character from the typical apartments in multi-family buildings. The owners wanted to create an elegant apartment - this dream was realised by architects from MMOA studio, awarded in the Architecture of the Year 2018 competition in the Young Creator category. The changes were very big: many walls were demolished, door openings were increased and windows were replaced.

The choice of colours is limited to white, grey and black with only one concession in the form of an expressive artwork placed at the entrance to the terrace. Geometric forms order the space - even curtains take the form of static columns, thanks to the use of thick, stiff material.

After the changes, a large, bright living area with kitchen and relaxation area was created. It is separated from the private area of the apartment by a hallway and a large door, behind which there is a bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe of the owners.

Large-format tiles imitating marble have been laid on the floors of the entire apartment and on the terrace. The same ceramic tiles were also found on some walls. A solution usually reserved for bathrooms, here it is also present in the living room and gives the interior the atmosphere of an exclusive hotel apartment.

Maximum light, minimum restrictions

During the metamorphosis of the apartment, window openings were enlarged and windows were replaced with aluminium ones. Consideration was given to solutions that make it possible to create really large glazings. The Reynaers Aluminium systems matched the concept perfectly. The windows were constructed using SlimLine 38 with extremely narrow profiles. Hi-Finity sliding doors lead to the terrace. This is a unique solution in which the visibility of the profiles is minimised - the frames are hidden in the walls and the sash profiles are extremely narrow.

"We planned to go with the investor to Belgium to see Hi-Finity system in the Reynaers Campus to evaluate the solution live. The product was just introduced to the market, but it turned out that there is a facility in Wroclaw where Hi-Finity windows were being installed, so we went to Wroclaw instead. The windows were not fully finished yet, it was not possible to check their operation. But it was enough for our investor to make a decision" - tells Maciej Dyląg, an architect from MMOA.

Consistent use of colour, large tiles both indoors and on the terrace, well thought-out lighting and, above all, the opening of space by demolishing walls and replacing windows - all these factors have led the architects to create an extraordinary, minimalist and light-filled apartment.

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MMOA Pracownia Architektoniczna Maciej Dyląg
Silesia, Poland