ElementFaçade 7

ElementFaçade 7 The element that builds the future

  • 47
  • 41
  • 0.26 Btu/hr∙ft²∙°F
  • 0.17 Btu/hr∙ft²∙°F
    Super High
Note: Performances may be different depending on the profile combinations.

Available in multiple opening types and configurations.

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  • ElementFaçade 7
  • ElementFaçade 7-SG
  • ElementFaçade 7 Industrial
  • ElementFaçade 7 Industrial-SG
  • EF7 Opening Elements

ElementFaçade 7

The standard element features the familiar glazing bead and mitre cut corner connection.

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ElementFaçade 7-SG

Structurally sealed glass for a continuous glazed façade appearance.

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ElementFaçade 7 Industrial

The Industrial variant features the straight cut corner connection for improved production speed and ease.

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ElementFaçade 7 Industrial-SG

Combining the speed and ease of the straight corner connection and the elegance of a full glass façade.

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EF7 Opening Elements

The available opening types allow multiple possibilities for perfect integration.

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